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У кафе. Меню. Розвиток навичок читання. 3 клас
(291.5 Kb) ] 15.01.2017, 16:14 Level: Primary
Time: 40 minutes
Theme: У кафе. Меню. Розвиток навичок читання.
a) To revise “Food” vocabulary and structures seen previously;
b) To develop and practise reading skills;
c) To read and understand menu;
d) To find specific details in a text;
e) To use drink words in the context of a song;
f) To develop listening skills;
g) To practise speaking skills, ask and answer questions about food likes and dislikes;
h) To improve grammar skills using present simple tense in the context of a text.
Teaching aids: Family and Friends 1 student’s book, work book, CD 121; food flashcards 114-119; drinks flashcards 120-122; lunch box flashcards 87-94; triumph board, laptop.
Key vocabulary: menu, hungry, dessert [dɪ'zɜːt], cafe.

І. Greeting (1 min) (slide 1-2)
Stand up everybody! Good morning students! Sit down, please! Nice to meet you. Let’s greet each other! (students in pairs how they sit greet each other in turn to the music)
1.1 Hi! How Are You?

Hi! How are you?
Fine. How are you?
Hi! How are you?
Fine. How are you?
Hi! How are you?
Hi! How are you?
Hi! How are you?
Fine. How are you?

II. Warm up (10 min) (slide 3)
• Now let’s play Along sentence (see page 21). Say, e.g. In my lunch box I've got a sandwich. Choose a child to continue, e.g. In my lunch box I've got a sandwich and a banana. Continue until children can't think of any more words.
• Talk about cafes with children. Ask Do you go to cafes? What kind of food can you eat in a café? Tell children to imagine they are in a cafe. What kind of food would they order?

III. Lead-in (4 min)
• Students’ CD Unit 12 Words – You have to memorize where the pictures and words are and then match the pictures to the corresponding words. (Optional Use the food, drink, and lunch box flashcards (57-61) to revise the different types of food children have looked at so far. Hold up the flashcards in turn for the class to name them.) Then ask individual children to ask each other and answer Do you like apples /tomatoes /bread?
Today we are going to visit a café together with Emma and Sally ((slide 4))
• Ask them to look at the text on the black background at page 84 in your student’s books and tell you what they think it is. Teach the word menu in English.

IV. Reading
 Pre-reading activity (2 min)
What food do you like? Point and say.
• Ask children to look at the menu. Check that children understand the different categories: food, desserts, and drinks. Ask whether they can think of anything else to add to each category.
• Ask some of the children to tell the class which food they like.

 Listen and read. ® 121 (1 min)
• Ask children to look at the photos of the two girls. Tell the class that their names are Sally and Emma. Ask what they are looking at (menus). Elicit that they are talking about the food they like on the menu.
• Play the recording for children to listen and follow the text in their books.
• Play the recording a second time. Answer any questions children have.
• Ask the class simple questions about the text to check comprehension, e.g. Does Emma like ice cream/fish? Does Sally like apple juice? Who likes bananas - Emma or
• Children read and translate the text. (sentence by sentence one reads other translates)

Sing and do. (1.5 min) Student’s CD Unit 12 Song or Track 118
• Play the recording for children to listen and do their actions.
Song actions
Eat your figs/bread - eat the different types of food
Drink your milk/juice - drink from a glass
Don't be late for school - point to watch
Here's your water, here's your bag - give the objects out

Drink your milk!
Eat your figs and drink your milk,
Drink your milk,
Drink your milk.
Eat your figs and drink your milk.
Don't be late for school!

Eat your bread and drink you juice,
Drink you juice,
Drink you juice.
Eat your bread and drink you juice,
Don't be late for school!

Here's your water here's your bag,
Here's your bag,
Here's your bag
Here's your water here's your bag,
Don't be late for school!

 After-reading activity

• Tell children to close their books. Tell them that you are going to play the recording again and they have to do actions to show what the children like or don't like.
• Children say the words Yum! and Yuck! to show that they like or don't like foods. Play the recording again; they say Yum! or Yuck! when they hear the foods Emma and Sally like or don't like. (slide 5)

• Books are closed. Children look at the board. They see the same text, but some words are replaced by the pictures. They should read the text. (slide 6)

 Tick (/) what Emma and Sally like. Cross (X) what they don't like. (slide 7-8)
• Ask children to look at the different types of food in the table. Point to each one for the class to say the words.
• Read the first line of Sally's text to the class. Ask Does Sally like meat? (Yes). Show them the tick in the chart.
• Ask a child to read the following line aloud. Ask Does Sally like eggs? (No). Children put a cross under the eggs.
• Ask children to read the rest of the text and tick the food that the children like and cross the food they don't like.
• Go through the answers with the class. Draw the chart on the board and mark the ticks and crosses onto the chart as they say them.

V. Listening practice. Listen and draw ☺ or . 122 (slide 9-10)
• Tell children that the girl is going to tell her dad what food she likes and doesn't like. Go through the food photos at the top right of the page, asking them to name each one.
• Explain that children must listen and draw a smiley face if the girl likes the food and a sad face if she doesn't. Play the recording once through for children to point to the foods as they hear them.
• Play the recording, pausing after the first item to show the example answer.
• Play the recording again for children to complete their answers.
• Play the recording a third time for children to check their answers. Go through the answers with the class.
Dad Are you hungry, Jessie?
Girl Yes, l am.
Dad Well, let's look at the menu. What do you want?
Girl Well, I like yogurt, but I don't like ice cream. I like bread because 1 like sandwiches.
Dad So, you can have a sandwich. Which sandwiches do you like?
Girl Mmm, I don't like meat. Um, I want an egg sandwich. And an apple, please. I like apples.

VI. Speaking practice (slide 11)(Grammar friends1 book pg 62 make up dialogues)
• Pupils look at the slide and read the dialogue given as an example looking at the pictures.
• Pupils make their own dialogues using the given information about what food children like or don’t like.
Writing & Grammar
- Fam. & Friends 1 Student CD Unit 12 Grammar
- Grammar friends CD Units 10-12 Ex 4-5
VII. Concluding part.
VIІI. Home assignment.
For the next lesson you have to learn new words (unit 13) by heart!
(291.5 Kb) ] 15.01.2017, 16:14 --------------------------

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