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Розробка сценарію інтерактивного свята на англійській мові до дня Св. Валентина для учнів 3-4 класів
(20.3 Kb) ] 05.02.2019, 10:52 The stage is decorated with flowers.
Compere 1 : Dear ladies and gentlemen. I’m very glad that you have come to the party, dedicated to the most wonderful holiday of the year St. Valentine’s Day.
Compere 2 : Yes, that’s right. In all English – speaking countries, February 14 is a special day for people in love.
February’s here! Hooray! Happy, happy Valentine’s Days!
Girls : - Boys are silly!
Boys : - Girls are smart !
Girls : - Boys are noisy !
Boys : - Girls are too. You love us and we love you!
We love you with all our hearts!

Compere 1 : This day is a great day for all young people.
It’s not only a holiday, but it is a very good day for flower shops, chocolate shops and card shops.
Compere 2: Boys send cards to their girlfriends and girls send their cards to their boyfriends.
Compere 1 : By the way, the name of the person sending a card is a secret, - that’s a tradition. But, where does the holiday come from?
Pupil 1: Rome … 50 century AB. The emperor Julius Caesar wanted to have the strongest army in the world. He said, “The real man must be the real soldier. I forbid my soldiers to marry!”
Pupil 2: But can you forbid the sun to shine and the rain to water the flowers and a young heart to love?
Pupil 3: According to one legend there was a priest in the army who married young people secretly.
Pupil 4: But one day the priest was betrayed and executed on February 14.
Pupil 5: The people who found happiness thanked him and began to call him St Valentine.
Compere 1 The symbol of this day is bright red hearts - "Valentines", which we bring to our guests, giving a little bit of our warmth, love and goodness.
Вручення листівок
Pupil 1
Once upon a time there were no men or women. These people were stronger and wiser than gods. The gods didn’t like that.
They decided to make people weaker and divided each person into two parts: a man and a woman and mixed them in the world. After this people became weak. Each tried to find the lost half and fell in love.
Do you like this legend? I do.
Pupil 2
I sent a Valentine to Sue,
She sent a Valentine to you,
You sent a Valentine to Lee,
But she didn’t send one to me!
I bought a Valentine for Bill,
He bought a Valentine to Jill…
Oh, it’s an endless love story!

Pupil 1: And now some interesting facts about this holiday. In China people celebrate this holiday in February and July.
Pupil 2: In Japan there are two Valentine’s Days: in February and March. In February girls give chocolate to their boyfriends and in March boys buy chocolate for their girlfriends. This day is called “White Day”
Pupil 3: In the USA if you get a card with the message CU (see you!) it means your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to end your relationship. They also like to play the game “Stick an arrow into the heart”.
The pupils with closed eyes try to stick an arrow into the heart.

Song «Oh, Susanna!»

Pupil 4: In Denmark people don’t write their names but dots. And if you guess the name you will get a candy egg at Easter.
Pupil 5: In Italy there is a custom to get engaged on Valentine’s Day. Some shops sell china baskets and cups with sweets. Let’s play the game “Throw and catch the heart ”.
The pupils play the game.
Pupil 1: In Korea April 14 is called “ Black Day ” . It’s for those who are single and they eat noodles which are black.
Song «Heart Song for Kids»

Pupil 2: In Germany boys give flowers to girls and their number is odd – 1,3, 5 fnd not even number 2, 4 , 6.
Song «I Love You Song»

Compere 1: Our party is over, dear friends.
Compere 2 : But remember – love is one of the best feelings. It rules the world.
Pupil 1 – It makes the world go round!
Pupil 2 – Let’s love!
Pupil 3 – Our country will be more beautiful and kinder!

(20.3 Kb) ] 05.02.2019, 10:52 --------------------------

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